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DP Building Systems, the UK leader in cable management, has recently partnered with Cancer Research UK to raise money which can be used for cancer research. By creating this partnership, DP Building Systems has taken a big step forward in the advancement of cancer research and technology and is making it possible for cancer patients to get the care and support they need. DP Building Systems offers premium quality 5-in-1 fast charging and data transfer cables to consumers and companies. And, as a tribute to loved-ones, friends, family, and colleagues, DP Building Systems is giving supporters a unique opportunity to name batches of our new premium quality 5-in-1 fast charging and data transfer cables after a loved one.

There are over 9.5 million cancer related deaths in the UK each year. Over the years, family and friends of DP Building Systems have also been affected, and that is why we are passionate about doing its part to support Cancer Research UK. To help launch this initiative, friends and family of DP Building Systems have put forward their tributes. These are names that will be honoured on the first products in our latest line and they include Pauline, Peter, and Jolove.

How To Honour Your Loved One

Joining us in the fight against cancer and to honour your loved one is easy. Log on to or email to submitted a name of a loved one to be entered. Names will be selected by Cancer Research UK when we need the next batches of our popular 5-in-1 fast charging and data transfer cables – no purchase is necessary.

Names are selected for our cables and future non-cabling products. Best of all, once a name is submitted, it is there forever! If you would like to donate when submitting a loved one’s name you can and 100% of your donation will go to Cancer Research UK.

Why Donate To The Name A Cable Cause?

While there are many reasons one would want to donate to the Name A Cable Cause, here are some of the more popular ones:

  • Opportunity to personalise the Cancer Research UK.
  • Tribute to loved ones.
  • As a thank you to those that have supported you.
  • Help to raise donations to Cancer Research UK.

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