Cancer Research UK USB 5-in-1 Data Transfer Fast Charger Cable


USB 5-in-1 Data Transfer Fast Charger Cable offers the ability to transfer pictures, information, videos from mobile phones & devices to a laptop or Mac while fast charging – all simultaneously.

A donation of £5.00 will be made to Cancer Research UK for each cable purchased.

Transfer data between 4 connected devices and a PC or Mac – whilst fast charging simultaneously

  • Transfer pictures, video and information from any connect device to a laptop or Mac simultaneously!
  • Perfect for when your devices are running low on battery and you need a quick boost or a fast-full charge
  • Designed in colours in partnership with Cancer Research UK
  • ‘C’ latch designed to symbolise Cancer Research UK
  • 1-Year warranty

* SS USB port will support 4 devices at one time. Standard USB ports will support 2 devices at one time.

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Through our corporate partnership with Cancer Research UK, DP Building Systems launches two new tech products supporting Cancer Research UK to help beat cancer and raise donations.

DP Building Systems are committed to raising £100,000 over the next two years through selling high-quality products-with-a-purpose

The Cancer Research UK USB 5-in-1 Data Transfer Fast Charger Cable for Mac & PC has been designed to make a difference, not only can you transfer files, pictures and video from up to 4 mobile phones and devices simultaneously, but all 4 mobile phones and devices will be fast charged! But more importantly, it will make a difference to Cancer Research UK and the work they do in battling cancer and offering support.

£5.00 from each sale will be made to Cancer Research UK

Name a Cable

Customers will have the opportunity to personalise the cable packaging with the name of someone they’d like to commemorate. Selected name will be honoured with every cable we product throughout our partnership with Cancer Research UK. We are naming this campaign ‘Name The Cable’. It is important to us to offer participants the opportunity to make a donation in memory of a family member or friend with 100% of donations being passed to Cancer Research UK. The names which are submitted to us will be selected at random by Cancer Research UK and added to the USB packaging for every 1,000 we produce

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Which Input Do I Need?

Whatever the devices, we’ve got you covered!

iPhone Cable

This is the common cable input used for most iOS devices.

Micro-USB Cable

As the predecessor of the Type-C Cable, you will need this cable for all of your slightly older devices.

Type-C Cable

Most of the latest android devices use Type-C cables, especially all of the flagship models.

Frequently Asked Questions

You are a corporate partner of Cancer Research UK?

Yes, we launched a corporate partnership with Cancer Research UK in October 2020 with a goal of raising £100,000 through donations when one of our products is purchased

For more information, please visit

Will the cable fit to devices that have a case?

Yes, we have designed the cables to be able to fit your mobile phone or device if it has a case.

What mobile phones and devices will it work with?

The product will support all conventional mobile devices, and tablets including the most recent releases. It will also charge many everyday items which include headphones, controllers, speakers, accessories such as mice and keyboard speakers

How does the warranty work?

Please contact us, and we will organise a quick exchange for your Cancer Research UK cable

How does the Data Transfer work?

Plug the USB cable into the standard usb port to data transfer two devices. Plug the USB cable into a SS USB port to data transfer to up to 4 devices. Unlock the device and the phone will appear on your workstation and it’s as simple as ‘’drag and drop’’ to the destination you want the file to go. Great for freeing up memory on your device and saving photos securely on your laptop.

The Difference You’ve Made

So far we have raised…


Last Updated: 25th November 2020


We are proud of our corporate partnership with Cancer Research UK and our commitment to raise over £100,000 in two years.

Our donation are your donations, and without your support we would not be able to achieve our goal. We wanted to show the difference that has been made through our selling high-quality products-with-a-purpose, corporate partnerships and naming the cable campaign, the live update shows donations been made.

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